What are things I can do to look more attractive as a man?

Hmm I guest I'll list random facts about myself.
1. my hair is normally messy a lot most because a trying to grow my afro out and don't brush it.
2. am very quite
3. I can't do small talk to save my life unless it's about anime. or video games. but I most perfer to. go. out and have fun.
4. I think I care way to much about my girlfriend happiness then my own.
5. in relationship I can't keep my hands off my. partner. or at least it was that way with my ex 70% of the time we would be kissing or I woud simple be paying with her hair or hips.
6. I look to get to know my date as a person.
7. am always in my work clothers %60 of the time because am always working.
8. I don't own a car but am working on it I have my permit.
9. I can be overly nice to everyone even guys
10. I have bad luck with girls every girl I dated so far which is 2 have been immuture and let theirs parents run our relationship. Is that normal?
10. I hate pants


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  • How bout be urself


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  • Career development/education achievement, fitness and improving your body/sexual attractiveness, style, grooming, communication skills, flirting/sex/dating skills, humor, ambition, that confident yet humble sweet spot, personal finance/investing, self-efficacy, i mean the list just goes on and on.

    There are many, many things completely in our control, I'm flummoxed that people ignore it tbh.

  • You are between 25- 29 and you don't have a licence to drive yet?