Girls how would you feel if your boyfriend was on here leaving comments in the how do I look category saying girls look beautiful or sexy?

Not that he is trying it on with them he is just answering the questions honestly.

  • It's fine he is being honest
  • It would bother me
  • I'd dump him
  • I'd go psycho bunny boiler on his ass
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  • I would be slightly jealous


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  • I think people fail to realize that relationships DO NOT equal ownership. We're humans, we all appreciate another human who is aesthetically pleasing. If I'm in a relationship and I answer a question on GAG and say "you're pretty", there's no issue there. If I start flirting and making plans to meet, then ok, that's different.


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  • If it bothers you then, you're intimated or don't trust him. Don't even act like you don't check out other guys.

  • I'd dump him, I want him to have eyes only for me. If he wants to write comments like that he will have to find himself a girl who is fine with it.

    • yh, doesn't everyone. But as if you dont check out other guys.

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    • Thats amazing of you. I check out other girls without thinking even if there worse looking then my girl... doesn't mean i have any desire to be with them because i would not be with my girlfriend right now then.
      But evolution of the human mind is not monogamous and says that we are meant to spread our genes.

    • So he can't try and help build up the confidence of other girls he will never meet?

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