How do you rate people?

TL;DR People find it odd that if I give a rating, I only rate the face. I don't include the body. So I was just wondering how many people only take the face into consideration, or if they rate the overall person.

At work yesterday, our line was down, so we weren't doing anything but cleaning. So we were rating people such as celebrities or well-known people. Then we started to talk about how people can't seem to rate themselves accurately. They always rate themselves higher than they actually are. So we each gave a number that we think we are. When I was asked what my number is. I said a 3 a naturally but a 5 when I make an effort. People were shocked by this and I asked why, and what they thought my number was. They said probably a 5 or 6 naturally. Then that lead to a discussion about my criteria for ratings. Like I give Melissa McCarthy a 6 or 7, and people think she is lower. I gave other people like Roseanne (in her younger days) a higher rating than most at work. There are other people I gave higher ratings to that people disagree with just because of their bodies.

For me, I mostly take the face into consideration for ratings. If you have an attractive face then I automatically rate you a 6 or 7 and then after that I rate the body. If you have an attractive body as well then you are an 8. I find that the face is more important than the body. I give myself a 3 because while I have an attractive body, my face isn't.

Anyway, most people tell my ratings are completely wrong because you have to take the overall person, and not just the face into consideration. In my opinion, your face is more important than the body. I don't think if someone doesn't have an ideal body, they shouldn't be rated low if they are attractive. My sister, for example, is a solid 8 in my opinion even if she is overweight. Her face is gorgeous and she has a line up of men who want her. Friends of mine say she is a 6 because of her body. They are wrong.

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It seems as if I am in the minority for this. :) Thank you for the opinions so far. I guess it is true when they say: Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.


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  • Yeah, it's super hard for me to rate a body, especially if it's clothed.
    I mean, it's had enough to compare/contrast a "cute" face against a "pretty" face, and those are much more specific. How would you compare "cute" boobs to "pretty" boobs? Do you see what I'm getting at?

    I just rate faces.


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  • No, those friends of yours are NOT wrong, it is their opinion which they are perfectly entitled to.

    • Well the only way I feel this way is because they try to rate me higher than her. They are certainly entitled to their opinion, but it is a fact that my sister has a prettier face than me. Even they agree she does, but they think since I work out and eat healthy, I am higher than her.

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    • Believe you me that hadn't even crossed my mind.

      Thank you though for being more open and honest now with your outlook on this.

    • Thank you very much for the MHO.

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  • If a person posts a picture and asks for it to be rated, they are asking you to rate whatever they are showing. So if the body is there, then they want that rated.

    • I only rate the face. When I look at the rate me's on this site, I will take the body into consideration lastly. However, if someone has a gorgeous face, but an overweight body, I can't give them a low rating even if they are very overweight. I'm automatically drawn to an attractive face.

    • Then I would suggest you do what many do and tell them that their face is gorgeous, but that the extra weight is not attractive. By the way, I never rate with numbers. In fact, I seldom to the rate me thing, but when I do it is by stating in words how they appear I think that telling them that their tummy being a little big but that it does not detract from the rest of their appearance overall is better for them than rating them low for the tummy, or ignoring it altogether.

  • I rate by face only, even if she's kind of fat I dont let it bother me I only go by the face

    • Same here. I like a girls face, and the last thing I worry about is her body.

  • guys are attracted by body first then the face so on..

    • I guess girls are different then? When I go for a girl, I don't care about her body at all. I like her face. I am not going to let a bit of extra fat stop me going for a girl if her face is beautiful.

    • Yea bcz we're different, i could easly be attracted to a girl has body with average face than a beautiful face but with a body that isn't my fav figure type.

  • I actually dont respond to rate posts that only show the face. I need to see both.

  • I rate based on six crucial factors.


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