Chest and stomach hair?

So, I typically grow a medium amount of chest/stomach hair. I've never had any complaints, and I'm definitely not like gorilla hairy... But what is a general preference?

  • Remove all chest & stomach hair.
  • Trim the hair to a short length.
  • Leave all the hair.
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  • I find natural almost always irresistible, unless it's long, smooth and fluffy. If it feels like stroking a cat then it really isn't to my taste, though some may not mind (only met two guys like that).

    • You would be OK with naturally very hairy whole of chest and stomach along with hairy arms and legs?

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    • Ha-ha ok. I guess every man has some kind of happy trail anyway! So you won't be ever disappointed :p
      But Andy Garcia and piercer Borsnan kind of hairiness didn't have happy trail but a whole Street of hair that is whole stomach is covered in hairs. Now that's bad in your opinion?

    • @dcoolguy I didn't say it's bad at all! I found nothing bad about either of them. Their hairyness doesn't exactly turn me on but they certainly don't throw me off. Snail trail is a preference but not at all a requirement.

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  • I findarou 21 and up, girls start to to like my chest hair more and more. As a teen though it was a nightmare, i think it's because you never see men with hair in the media, but as they get older you learners pretty common.

    Anyway, mine is not nearly bad enough to even trim, but it is a full coat (no back or upper arms thoug)

  • I had a poll like this myself. It seems the younger the ladies, the *less* hairy they like it. This also may vary by ethnicity of the lady in question.

  • Get rid of it

  • I don't know , maybe wax it all off. I am super hairy so I can't help it , I just leave it, I know I know I am sexually repulsive , si I accept my fateof being virgin and alone without a woman