Can you guys rate my body?

I have worked my ass off trying to lose the waist fat, past few months,
My waist sits at a 28.5" now, was 31.5" in January.
I will stop at 27"

Does it look good?
Can you guys rate my body ?


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  • u look good man, but I don't know what that random bit of hair is doing. ... it looks odd. either trim it and grow some hair around ur pecs as well, or shave/wax it all off.

    • You even have problem with that tiny amount of body hair on belly? Ufff

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    • I think I said the right thing. Use trimmer to trim closely the hairs all over the body. That's manscaping. And oh, wax the back, sack crack and shoulders.

    • Uh.. Thank you.

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  • Results are nice. And C programming Language.


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