How do I improve my eye area?

How do I improve my eye area?

Present pros:

a. Low set eyebrows
b. thick eyebrows
c. Eyes are not too rounded
d. somewhat even though that can be improved

a. Crazy dark circles
b. Looks tired
c. Shit eye colour
d. Canthal tilt is neutral, not bad, but positive would have been better
e. Less eyelashes

from what i have noticed, my eye shape, area and colour is similar to these dudes who are considered good looking

My lips and jaw area is at par if probably not better than all the 3 guys above but
a. I am unfit like crazy
b. I have to work on general grooming

How can I get my eyes to look that good at least? I mean all the 3 guys above have been complimented for their eye area i think.

1. I want to know how to grow my eyelashes
2. Want to remove dark circles
3. Want my eyes to never appear tired

also should i invest in contacts when i grow up, like when i am 25. Its just I want to look really good but never fake it
Add to cons:
Too little hooding
Slight upper eyelid exposure

But the other guys have it too


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  • There's a comment I wanna make so bad 😂😂😂

    • Do it

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    • Are you Turkish or Indian?

    • Indian, but I am not saying "hi, I am india boy, rate me" I genuinely don't want to die a kissless virgin

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  • 1. Yeah I hate to tell you this but there isn't really a way to grow your lashes more than they already do... But hey if you do find a way to prove me wrong market your idea! Girls everywhere will love you!
    2. How much sleep are you getting at night? That could impact the circles under your eyes
    3. Your eyes don't look that tired to me. Also sleepy eyes are considered "'dreamy".

    • Vaseline has helped a little bit but it would take a lot of patience. My sleep pattern is uneven yes but I have natural tear troughs like most Indians, even the second guy has it. I want girls to love me for my face and d lol.

    • I just hate the fact I don't have eyelashes, Indians have every bad feature with regard to eyes, bulging eyes, white sclera show, sometimes a bad tilt, but they ALWAYS have big eyelashes. I have none of the problems mentioned but I didn't get the only pro Indians have lol

    • olive oil+eat veggies. eyelashes grow, it doesn't matter much for me though since my upper eyelid is covered completely by my eyebrows+slight hooding+browbone

  • Your eyes and eyebrows are fine.
    Castor oil will help your eyelashes grow.
    Eye cream will help with bags, Olay is a good brand.
    Your fitness is more important to focus on than this.

    • People used to make fun of my thick eyebrows when I was 12 for being thick and straight but now I see these top celebs and models have it that way lol. I mainly just want to get rid of the droopiness and darkness. I am working on my fitness my jaw and lips are both exactly like that Arab boyband guy so its mainly my eyes and dull skin that kills me but I'm 20, I am giving myself 5 years to max out my looks since 25-30 is the time 99% of the men peak

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    • It's just I really want to get laid but I don't have the money or motivation for it

    • are there any surgeries to get hooded eyes? Any idea? I want my eyes to look something like this tbh

      he has those fat grafts covering his upper eyes more which looks more aesthetic, how do i get them?

  • You're over thinking it, they just look like normal eyes to me.

    • Normal sucks

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    • And yeah I am quite smart/ cool to some people but guess what, I would rather be hot than be the loser guy who hears of others being hot

    • lol i made this post 2 months back when i was a loser and now i have had sex and all and get complimented all the time and i have no more droopy upper eyelids and less tear trough deformity :)
      eyebrows still the same shit though

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  • Why anonymous this time?

    • My wish brah and u got the same eyes lol, fuckin desi eyes :(

    • Actually nah, mines smaller but yours is tilted a little upwards which is bloody hot to women subconsciously

    • My eye shape and placement is the exact same as my mancrush malhotra but I wish I had the hooding too :( (that slight fat just over the eyes, it's a masculine trait)