How can I tell if I'm pretty or not?

Stupid question, I know. I am fully aware beauty doesn't determine a persons worth however I can't help but be curious about this. When I was younger, up until the age of 13, I was told I was beautiful by people all around me, relatives, family friends, friends, peers, teachers etc. When I was 13 I became depressed, put on weight, lost my tan, hair became thinner and I just looked like a depressed person. Depression took a physical toll for several years however I feel like I'm in the process of recovering, I've lost a lot of weight, I'm not tanned, my hair is slowly getting thinner and I'm wearing more make up these days. I do have bad skin and my eyebrows aren't as on point as they could be but these things don't seem that important. I don't get complimented anymore, ever, I'm 19 and I'm very rarely ever approached in clubs while my friends are. I've been told I look very serious and intimidating (resting bitch face) but is that enough to scare people away? Or am I just not pretty?


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  • This happened to me. The guys were swarming all over me but then I got into a bad relationship and that sent me downhill and I stopped getting at the attention. I think subconsciously I didn't want to attract men anymore because of being used for sex.

    The hardest thing in life you will ever do is learn to just judge yourself and screw anyone else's opinion. But if you wonder how others are reacting to you then Google "Signs of attraction" and see if you can pick up the reactions of other people.

    I am 48 so they are not leaning out of their car doors anymore howling (thank god anyway) but I do sometimes pick up positive reactions from men. But I know I can improve greatly.

    There are some GREAT books dedicated to looking more approachable. If you are interested I can recommend some.


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  • If you look in the mirror and you're genuinely like: Damn, I'm gorgeous.
    If people do the same thing back to you.

    You're probably pretty. You're just overthinking it.