Anyone else have trouble wearing other color's when it comes to clothing?

Literally my entire wardrobe is all pretty much black, or grey shirts. Some dark blue jeans, black pants, black shorts and a green pair of shorts. That's pretty much it. Oh, and a few red shirts. Like 2.

The thing is, I love bright colors. Tiffany blue is one of my favorite colors, I love it. I also like bright blues, greens, and orange's. But I never wear them, I never buy them, and I never consider them tbh. I work in retail, I see clothes all the time and I only think "Man, that grey shirt looks pretty good". The most colorful piece of clothing I have is a black Nike hoodie with extremely bright green inner fabric. It's like super green, it almost looks yellow.

I don't know if I'm afraid to wear bright clothing or what, I just feel like I look good in grey. I guess I just don't know what I would look good in, and I wouldn't want to spend money on something I would never wear. My mom has bought me bright colored shirts for Christmas and stuff, but I usually only wear them a few times and then just never touch them again.

Honestly, I think if I had a girlfriend I would just let her pick out colors for me (assuming I liked the design or whatever on it lol). I'm terrible at picking out colors, even tho I think they look great on other people. Would I look bad in colors? Or should I branch out more (check my profile pic). That pic is what I look like pretty much every day, just different grey shirts and occasional red or black.


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  • Can't say i do

    • So you have pretty much all the colors in your clothing? You feel any different wearing a grey shirt from a bright blue shirt or anything?

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  • i kindaaaa get u. the main colours i have are all the earthy ones, such as rust, mustard, forest green, khaki, navy, beige.. u get it.

    the bright colours I've got are mainly red and blue.
    grey is sexy on anyone lol, but id say if u really do love them bright colours, u just need time to get out of ur comfort zone =]

    i can see u in a brighter blue or green, but not too bright.

    • I just love grey lol, darker grey tho. I usually wear shirts and stuff with dark grey background with really bright lettering or design. Like I just bought another snapback that has really bright teal logo, but it's grey with black brim. I don't really like bright pants, not my thing. I'll stick to jeans and black and grey for those, I just might look more into shirts tho. I don't know, I feel like people are looking at me more when I wear bright colors (pretty much expected tho), I just like blending into the background more. It doesn't bother me when people look at me, but it just mean that I'm going to try to look better and watch my movements more, which annoys me lol.

      Red and blue look good, I like teal too. I don't think I'd ever wear a bright yellow shirt lol.

    • hell yeah man, me too.
      teal is great actually, have u tried wearing that colour as a shirt?
      HATE bright pants myself too only 'bright' id wear is white, but that probably won't happen for another year or so lol. if u can rock white pants, do it.
      it is expected yeah, but still, give it a go =]

  • You just described me. Most of my clothes are black, white, grey and dark blue or dark purple. I have colorful clothes too but I bought them back then, when I still loved to wear them. I just despise wearing them outside because they all look too Barbie-ish for me.

    • Lol, their definitely more attention grabbing, but I just wear darker clothes too. I like blending in more, but I do like bright colors. It's just I watch my movements more and how I look when I wear bright colors, because they are more noticeable and people will look at you more. Which is a good thing in a way, but I probably look too much into it and it annoys me.

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    • Haha, and I never said we should all wear colorful clothes. It's not a bad thing to just wear dark colors or anything, plenty of people do including me

    • Then don't worry about it๐Ÿ˜‰

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