How can I dedicate the next few years to these 3 things without any distractions?

My plan is to get rich by the time I am 35 and get good looking at my prime when i am about 25-27. The three things are:
a. Studying
b. Maximizing my looks
c. Improving personality and attitude

Whenever I start trying, I get demotivated thinking its no use since its not possible to change yourself. How do I avoid that?


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  • Start small, man. Build each thing up slowly, don't try to become everything at once.


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  • All of those things are extremely shallow and self serving. Life for you will be a huge disappointment if that's actually true.

    • it already is

    • Vanity is but the last item is honestly very admirable.
      I can only recommend that you "be the change you want to see" in your life.
      Get your education.
      Eat healthy and work out.
      Focus on yourself, and discover what your true desires are. What are the things that make you happy and what steps can you take to make those things happen on a consistent basis.
      All is not bad as you are already chipping away at #3 right now.

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  • Just stay focused on your goal and keep your eyes on the prize. Then have a plan for how you're going to get there. So what are you studying now, what are you doing to maximize your looks and how are you changing your personality?

  • You can do it bruh!
    We will all make it!
    Get rich or die tryin'

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