Do skinny fat guys have maximum benefit in terms of facial aesthetics transformation?

When I look at transformation of guys who were skinny fat and got jacked, its like even their face changed considerably, this doesn't seem to happen for thin to jacked and super fat guys hardly ever are left with the required metabolism to get there.
Do skinny fat guys have maximum benefit in terms of facial aesthetics transformation?

  • Yup, skinny fat people have good face transformations too
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  • This might be the most bro question I've ever seen.

    And I don't know - skinny-fat guys tend to have faces with an average amount of body fat, not a lot to lose compared to actually fat guys.

    • u kidding? When ur skinny fat, its like u have a fat layer, just less muscle so u dont look weird with clothes on. Fat guys have a lot of fat though but rarely do you see a fat guy actually transform and 99% of times if they do they go through the skinny fat phase and basically just stay there so their face doesn't even get much better

    • I'm not kidding and I'm saying that skinny fat guys already have relatively thin faces, whereas fat guys have a significantly larger amount of fat on their faces than once they lose the weight.

      Unless I'm not understanding your question correctly. But as far as I can tell the only significant differences might be (a) fat loss and (b) jaw definition. I assume exercise leads to an increase in testosterone production but not sure.

      It's also almost 3 AM so my opinions might not be the most useful right now.

    • i mean duh, what else do u expect lol and yeah, not exercise alone but the diet and lifestyle along with it does. My body is almost identical to the third guy's before :(

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  • Its just % body fat leaving. So super fat to jacked would have same effect. Metabolism isn't static, anyone can get to jacked from any state.

  • with guys who skinny then jacked nothing changes but muscularity
    with these dudes the fat on their face goes away


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