Girls, Girls I'm I ugly enough to post my pic on ugly dating sites or other sites for ugly people?

I was thinking of joining websites where ugly people like me can post a pic
among other ugly people and not be judged. My pic is in my avatar just
click on it and be truthful. Thanks

  • Yes I'm am ugly enough to join a site for ugly people
    28% (8)
  • No I'm not ugly enough to join a site for ugly people
    55% (16)
  • I'm so ugly I should give up all hope and die alone
    7% (2)
  • I should just give up trying
    10% (3)
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I'm a Girl
Responses would be nice also. Judging by the poll I'm both ugly and should just give up. I was right women and girls are shallow.
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  • If that's what you feel comfortable with, then do it. Maybe try seeing a therapist as you might have BDD which is rare in men, but a possibility.

  • It's too zoomed into your face. You're gonna want a girl who will accept your appearance for how it is, just get a full headshot and upload it. You're good man ^_^

    • I'm to fat I'll take up the whole pic.

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    • Holy shit for a 30 year old you still have a lot to learn. It's a sad thing that a 16 year old is educating you on something you should've already known. I'm not replying anymore it's like talking to a 5 year old. You're so difficult to talk to. Goodbye, buddy. I hope you learn to love yourself.

    • Yup run away cause you couldn't answer my fucking question.

  • Guys are just as shallow.

  • You're being too hard on yourself. You're not ugly.

  • I can't find your picture.

    • Ok I'll put it back up.

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    • Can i reply tomorrow PLEASE it's 12:35 AM (Namibia) I'm tired.

    • Sure no problem you can message me.