Considering other features are equally good, which guy has a better eye area?

Guy 1:
Considering other features are equally good, which guy has a better eye area?

Guy 2:

Not talking about colour since both are shit coloured, mainly stuff like eye shape, eyebrow placement, eyelashes etc. I think neither of us is good with eyes alone but guy 2 does have hooded eyes which is good for him but is it that big a deal?

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fuck, i forgot to add the options for equally good and equally shit
disregard the lighting, mines with a shittie camera


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  • I voted B, but as you mentioned yourself, the pictures are not equal. Furthermore, it seems as though the pictures for Guy 2 are different people altogether.

    The results of this poll will not be very accurate or representative of people's opinion.

    • yeah he also has those natural tear troughs like all indian guys in motion which seem to be edited out in the pics and also i chose sidharth's best pics but then i won't deny even for, the lighting wasn't too bad though photo quality is a lot different and even the distance it is taken from is different for us since mine are so close all the flaws are visible but i am surprised even despite that i have a few votes lol, i saw 2 girl votes first and i felt bad but few hours later mine doesn't seem to be much worse than his.

      Anyway, I basically want to know, are my eyes alone so bad stop me from looking good? Do his eyes seem to be special enough to set him apart and give him an advantage if i reach his optimum level in fitness and grooming? I will get rid of the dark circles and fix my eyebrows with time of course

      Also give me tips to improve

    • shit, i was editing so much while typing this, my English sounds broken as fuck lol

  • thank you for voting, i was expecting people to write stuff like "lol, what an idiot, u have shitty eyes and he is gorgeous" and a 0:100 percentage but i am glad to know he is just as pathetic as me in eye area lol

    • cool still 50:50, if my eye area is as good as him or even 70% as good as his, i'll definitely be almost as good looking as him when i am 25 since my eyes are my worst feature along with my height, but my bdd has lessened a bit because of this, thank you GAG

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