Me or the guy on the left :P?

Me or the guy on the left :P ?

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  • you both look good but I will chose you

    • I wish I was chosen too. So skinny for your taste? I like looking slim. I looked overweight and obese most of my adult life. I just wanted a change in my body. Also this red clothed which I wear makes me slimmer compared to my other clothes. Many people think I am lighter than I am when I wear it.

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    • thanks for MHG

    • you're welcome. did you notice i update my profile photo?

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  • What's your Body Mass Index (BMI)? I wonder if I am thinner than you or not. I believe I am not thinner than you but I need to learn your BMI. Please tell me.

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    • nice japanese.-. :Pp

    • @Tomboy_Cool

      I think you know what language it is. You must have seen in my profile that I am from Turkey.

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  • He's a little too stocky for my taste. I like them well built but not so much if they're like short and thick. Also in this picture you kinda look like Justin Timberlake lol

  • You hid his face xD


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