Based on my personality, if u know me, am I dateable?

  • Hell yeah you are the sex
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  • Absolutely not, ur personality is repulsive as fuck
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  • If ur hot, it won't matter tbh
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Um not really, at least not for now :P You need to work on your confidence and obsession first :/

    • i will, my confidence comes from 3 things looks, money and status. So i am working towards achieving them, psychiatrist or being content with life is for fags

    • Yeah the looks parts needs to be taken less seriously or less obsessively, it gives a metrosexual vibe which might be a turn off for most girls

    • yeah its 99% on my mind right now, i am taking it down to 33% slowly, life is
      33% looks
      33% money
      33% status
      1% personality and attitude
      for women
      50% looks
      25% personality
      25% money and status combined

      I have answered the most difficult question in the world, the meaning of life

Most Helpful Guy

  • another one lol ur personality sounds terrible lol


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