Why are some mirrors making my head really look wide?

At home I'm good looking, my head is a litte bit big but I got no problems with that. So I was going out with 2 friends. There was a big mirror with light above it, I saw that my head was really wide, but I made some pictures with 2 friends and my head was not that wide as it shows in the mirror. And then at home I was making a video of myself and I saw that my head wasn't that wide


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  • Angle of the mirror can make a difference. And at the same time it could just be all in your head. What you think is what you sometimes see.

    • I think so, cause I see in some mirrors im really yellow and got a bighead but in other mirrors im fine and sometimes I make a video of myself, I see my head is just perfect and that I'm tanned

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  • it could have to do with your height , seeing how certain angles in a mirror can distort how you look , like those fun house mirrors for example.

  • you see what you want to see.

    For years I thought my ears were on the big side. I wouldn't wear hats because I felt it made them more obvious. A few semesters ago I was doing a lab in a biology class where we were measuring lips, ears, eyes, and cranium size and comparing them to other classes along with other civilizations. I found out that my ears on average were 2mm smaller then the groups. My ears weren't big it was all in my head.

    • I think my head is really wide, and I have those day where I think my head looks good. People say I got a square head and my eyes are close to each other.

      How can I stop thinking my head is big?

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