How do I look or you can rate?

How do i look or you can rate?


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  • Here's the reason you're not having success with girls: you are constantly seeking their approval. You have posted your picture on here at least 4 times that I've seen, probably more that I haven't. Have some confidence in yourself man, you could look like George Clooney, but if you don't have confidence, you will have no success with women.

    • What should i do to look better?

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    • @Howdoilook2 clearly several people have called you good looking on here, so validation isn't he problem. There is an underlying issue you need to uproot.

    • @Nothanks700 well, there is a reason behind this because when i was at the primary school, i was very fat guy and people generally mocks about my appearance. And then i lose weight and start to gain muscle and burn fat, then still continue but i have no self confidence

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