Girls Time for a rate me question?

Yup another one of these rate me questions and don't hold back your attractiveness for me lmfao who I'm I kidding I'm not attractive. Anyways sorry for the pics I know they sucks but it will have to do.. Girls Time for a rate me question?
On second thought I decided not to post any more pics.

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  • Damn still ugly makes you vomit
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  • So ugly my face can and should be use as a Halloween decoration
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  • I'm so ugly my pic is the reason why good looking people exists/
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  • You are putting yourself down a lot and its hurting you. You need to learn how to be confident in yourself and feel good about yourself. You put yourself down way to much, I wish I could help people like you but at the end of the day I'm just a person. I can't make people feel good about themselves. Feeling good about yourself takes time, no one learns to love themselves in a day it takes time. I hope you feel good about yourself soon.


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  • Well you're certainly persistent and annoying with this, that's for sure.

  • You need to stop putting yourself down so much. If you don't act like you have anything to offer women them they are going to believe it

  • Your picture scared me. I wasn't expecting that.

  • Honestly you really aren't that ugly. I wish we had a better picture but from that one I wouldn't say you are ugly.

    • So in other words I am ugly but not that ugly. And don't give me No that's not what I said or
      meant excuse crap either cause that's basically what you said. As for the other pic/s I thought about it those were even worse then this one.

    • My exact words were 'I wouldn't say you are ugly' I know its a losing battle to argue with you about this but you aren't ugly. And trust me I would tell you otherwise, I've met a lot of ugly people but you are not one.

    • No that's not what you said you said Honesty you really aren't that ugly indicating i was ugly but not that ugly. Why are you denying that?

  • okay why are you putting yourself down, and then claim you aren't putting yourself down? if you find things you don't like about yourself change them, i know it doesn't just happen at the snap of a finger but if you think women find you unattractive make yourself attractive. whatever you think makes you ugly change it, it's not too late.

    • Where did I say I wasn't putting myself down?

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    • Just because they ignore means they think you're ugly? unless they have a face of grimace, or make a rude gesture that was to you how does that equal them acting like you don't exist? that makes no sense.

    • I get nasty dirty looks all the time from women.

  • Touglyforfemalea

  • i like other women don't think you are ugly. i like your look :)