Should I Get my hair straightened?

Well i went out and bought a flat iron to change my hair texture. I have Afro textured hair and ever since I got into high school my parents have been pressuring to perm my hair. They keep giving me a hard time about my hair and keep saying Afro hair is ugly and they act like straight hair is better. My mom always wears wigs and my sister never leaves the house without her hair being flat ironed. They gave me the impression I'm an major embarrassment to them because I don't look ideal. ( straight hair) because I'm the only one in my whole family who wears my hair texture and my whole family makes fun of me for it. I was planning on going natural but my family doesn't like the idea so I spent a good 30 dollars ( and over) on hair straightening prouducts so they could be happier with me as a family member. I feel like they aren't since my hair is not straight.

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  • Yes go for it.


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  • You should do whatever you want to do.
    I flat iron my hair because it's easier for me to take care of.
    No one where I live would sham anyone for not straightening their hair. That's just dumb.


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