What makes this guy sexy in the eyes of women?

What makes this guy sexy in the eyes of women?

I really dont see how this dude is even remotely good looking tbh

  • He is hot as fuck, shut up
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  • He is not hot
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  • Its his attitude and personality
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  • Its because some girls who are considered hot like him, so its a trend to like him
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  • Get a life bruh -_-
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tom hardy and shia labeouf, two other guys i'll never get
votes and opinion, i go with the 4th option personally


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  • Status.

    • true, women feel the halo effect more than we men do

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  • he is kinda of sexy in an unattractive way lol kind of handsome

    • its just money and status halo effect, accept it already

    • no I think he is actually kind of handsome. he got better looking the older he got to me. Everyone sees differently

  • He looks older than my dad, but some girls like that shit.

  • It's the way he carries himself.


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