Would you date this guy even if he was really nice? Be honest?

Would you date this guy even if he was really nice? Be honest?
Not me, but i remember showing someone an example of negative canthal tilt wherein the eyes droop downwards, he has it and LOTS of men do. Even women do but it doesn't spoil their looks to a big extent and they hide it with makeup but this guy can't so?

  • Yes, i can overlook that flaw and date him
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  • Nope, i would not
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u can even give ur opinions as a gay/ bi man no worries
votes and opinions, i dont have it myself but lots of people do, even pietro boselli has but hidden it


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  • I wouldn't date him, but all of my crushes have the tilt and they're super sexy!!

    • tilt must be other side

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    • lol, do it ha ha, i really would like to see how guys with those eyes look good

    • message me their fb or something and i dont plan to stalk them beyond a min or so on fb lmfaooo, no one's ever gonna know i promise

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  • No I'm straight and don't date guys.


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  • Yea I'd date you,, by the way you should smile more

  • I would date him :)

  • He looks fine.

    • looking fine isn't good enough, look at the poll
      be an underwear model or be single for life if ur a guy

    • I know loads of average guys with gfs.

    • and those gfs cheat on the average guy or at least bitch about him not being good enough

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