G@G'rs whats's your reaction towards a random hot/sexy/handsome person vs a random beautiful person?

I'm asking these question based on two questions I found yesterday:


In my defination, handsome/hot/sexy person are Brad pitt, Tom Cruise, Megan Fox, Irina shayk
And beautiful person are johnny depp (young), leonardo di caprio, Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson

On other way, beautiful person is to me an art, something unique and stunning. And handsome/hot person is traditionally good looking person (not less attractive any way).

Personally if I see any beautiful person either I will be so stunned that I can't look away from her or I'll be so intimidated that I'll not look at her openly. but for hot girls I'm much more comfortable to wink or look.



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  • by looking at hot girls i would think naughty thoughts but if i see a beautiful girl i would think decent and cute thoughts. lol

    • thats your internal expression, Im talking about external one.

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    • my expressions would be, if i see a hot girl i'll kept looking at her or stare at her, and if i see a beautiful girl i will try to look at her without knowin her that im looking at her

    • lol, I do exactly same thing. But I dont know why.

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