Do you think I'm attractive at all?

I have mild depression, social anxiety, and social phobia and I think it's really because of the fact that I truly believe I'm ugly and I'm afraid to do pretty much everything because of it. I need some honest opinions if you all would be so kind :)


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  • Yes you are attractive. You are not ugly you are fine, don't think so down and negative about yourself have confidence. There is nothing wrong with how you look. I used to struggle self esteem when I was younger but thankfully I don't anymore.


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  • You look fine, bro. I assure you it's a lot more about how you feel about yourself than any appearance anyway, much more than you realize! Just know you are Da' Man and you suddenly are! How hard is that? You'll start wondering where did all these people and girls come from! I'm quite serious... it one of the oh-so secret, inexplicable mysteries of life... Believe that you are whatever you want, and you WILL be recognized as such! I swear to you... should I be lying let my wonderful mother be struck where she stands by lightning! But I have zero worries, because I know it's fact! You're fine (I say this as a stright dude by the way! LOL!)

    • Thanks dudeeeee, I can probably try to feel not ugly but no promises.

    • I know it's NOT easy nothing worthwhile is easy. Until you realize just how easy it actually is! I assure you! But then you're like, why did I just waste all of those years! ... You'll see, then be sure to pass on the secret magical-spell that I gave you to another! Ok?

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