How do I become a hot guy?

Before u tell me u either have it or u dont or its all genetics, if these guys can be hot, then i definitely can
How do i become a hot guy?

my body needs a lot of fixing, i am skinny fat as hell. My nose is a little wide but not African wide and i have a feeling even if i got that fixed, that alone won't make a diff of more than 0.2 points (i rate myself a 5/10 atm) Other features are good. Better and more balanced eye area than all those guys and medium sized lips and face shape and ratios are pretty good i have checked.

I mainly want to know stuff like grooming and hygeine. And its not like i want to go completely metrosexual, i want to be good looking but not like those fag instagram models. I consider this dude perfect as in he looks good without trying hard and want to look as good.

Tell me steps on improving:
a. Reducing tear troughs and tired eyes and wrinkles
b. If there is a natural way of reducing nostril flare, tell me it
c. Making lips appear better as in never chapped
d. Having the bone structure come out perfectly
e. Perfect skin (my skin colour is the same as last guy i posted but i look dull in general)


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  • you need to post a pic of yourself in order for us to tell you what you need to improve? lol

    • it would be more of criticism or u look normal or there is nothing wrong with you or anonymous men and women saying "ur face disgusts me" so absolutely not

    • okay well i can't give you criticism if i can't see you lol sorry

    • i have listed out things i want to improve in the end, had enough criticism to contemplate suicide already, thank you

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  • Instead of crying go and motivate yourself with workout and body care

    Nobody was born perfect, these guys gave much effort on their body and skin-care. People just think they do not do anything, just waiting & waiting.

    • I know, i want to put in the same amount of effort that those guys put and ur wrong, matt bomer and sean o pry and maybe some similar undiscovered people were born perfect though (as in textbook definition good looking), others are just normal guys with a couple of good features who maximized their looks and put in effort

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  • plastic surgery can make changes on your face. but its a bad choice i'd say

    • i think even sid had a nose job and got lip fillers
      his nose is thinner and upper lip is a lot fuller than it is in this pic
      i2[dot]wp. com/celebritykick. com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Sidharth-Malhotra-Childhood-pictures-8. jpg

      but u can tell pretty much even without them, just with age and fitness alone he was bound to be just as great looking as he already is so it was just a waste of money so yeah not taking the surgery route but i have listed changes i really want to make