What should I do with my hair?

Ok, so I've posted on here a couple of times on how I look... people tell me I look OK exempt for my hair and my acne. I'm working on my acne but what I want to know is what to do with my hair. I've had this "bieber" haircut for a long time and am ready for a change. ➡What hairstyle would look best on me?⬅ ThanksWhat should I do with my hair?
Sorry for the quality of the picture... my phones camera isn't too good.


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  • Cut the sides short maybe keep some hair on top ( cut the top also but not too much).


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  • Get it trimmed and spike it up, get it shaved off and become a skin head or grow it mid length, get it cut and styled. Do you just want to change your look?

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    • No... haven't decided yet... probably gonna keep it simple but I'm still looking around

  • Tbh I like hairstyles on guys that are slightly shaved on the sides but I don't know if it would suit every guy


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