Which girl is your favorite 4Minute edition :) ?

First I'll show you their last song:

1. Hyuna
Which girl is your favorite 4Minute edition :) ?
She is quite a huge star, you might know her as the girl in the Gangnam Style video (over 2.5 billion views) or the weird version where she was featured singing aswell. She's also a member of this group 4Minute who are quite popular. On top of the group songs she does solo songs that are more popular than the group (kinda depressing) She has a solo video with 110 million views and a bunch of others.

I melt you down like Ice Cream is what she says in case you were confused, her English pronunciation is not that clear.

Honestly to me it seems like she was born to be a star she seems so at home in the spotlight when others have to adjust to it. She just has the presence that you need to be a star. Sorry for spamming so much of her stuff but these are ind of the dynamics in this group. Some (mean) people have referred to the other members of the group 4Minute as Hyuna's backup dancers which is not totally true but she definitely gets most of the attention.

2. Gayoon

3. Jiyoon

4. Sohyun

5. Jihyun

  • 1. Hyuna
  • 2. Gayoon
  • 3. Jiyoon
  • 4. Sohyun
  • 5. Jihyun
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Most Helpful Girl

  • None of them r above 7/10 and the third one is like only a 5/10

    • Are you kidding me? I don't get why you would be so negative.

    • I'm being honest. You just think they are hot cos of all the hype or possibly an Asian fetish.

    • I like Asian girls a lot but I still other girls aswell and I don't like every Asian girl just because she's Asian there's many that I don't like. But why your comment bothered me is just the negative attitude. I think there should be a more positive atmosphere about female beauty. There's so many insecure girls who don't believe in their own beauty and get influenced by all kinds of bullshit and make bad decisions. I've seen plenty of girls I don't find attractive on this site for instance but I don't say anything because I know other guys might like them and here's no reason to be a douche. I only say something if I have positive things to say and actually mean it. I just think the mindset you seem to have is not a good thing. Looking for imperfections. For me it's not about perfection at all if I'm attracted to the overall impression of a girl then that's all that matters to me.

Most Helpful Guy

  • I like them all, Korean girls are so hot, Hyuna is my favorite :D


What Girls Said 3

  • Hyuna! She did a "walk" video with Rita Ora lol showing all the different kinds of "walks" there are. It's quite cute.
    I kind of like "Roll deep" by Hyuna

  • I nk Jiyoon can look much better hahah and i also figured that the more skin the pic shows the more people are likely to chose it ahaha so... i chose Jiyoon coz i like her

    • I didn't see many great pictures of her when I looked. I took the best ones I could see for everyone, of course I didn't spend endless time searching.

  • i wish i was Asian. 😭 they're so pretty.

    • Yuuuup they are :P. Sry for bringing you down :3

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    • oh don't feel bad it's okay, thank you tho. ((:

    • I followed you to make up for my mistake :P

What Guys Said 2

  • sorry, I'm not a weeaboo

    • Then why do you keep commenting on my stuff?

    • I'm bored and I didn't even know I was commenting on your shit. I don't even know who you are 😒

    • You commented the exact same comment on something else I posted a while ago so that's why I asked you.

  • I want them all