I see questions like: do you like leggins and pantyhose? . I dont understand who would have problem with this?

Everyone has the right to wear what it make him / her feel comfortable, do you agree?

Me for example i wear disney cotton fullback panties, but i dont care if are see through because thats my choose. I dont like very much my panties to be seen by everyone , but if it happens, i dont mind

What panties do you wear?


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  • Some people seem to care more about what others like than what they like. I think it's normal. Not a good thing but it's normal.


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  • Right. I'm not a trendy girl, myself... but I rarely need fashion advice--unless I am wearing a new item that happens to be trendy. I like thrift stores, Gothic stuff and TJ Maxx! I'm an artist, so I usually START trends instead of follow them :)


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  • I don't know who would have a problem with legging/panty hose either.
    But I also don't know what that has to do with wearing full back panties and not minding if someone accidently sees them.

  • I like pantyhose and wear it


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