Do you find her attractive at all? Also, guess the guy's height if the actress is 5'8"?

i dont find her that attractive and i think the actor is 5'10-5'11 based on this, 6' giving benefit of doubt of posture and camera angle

the actor is actually more attractive than her in my opinion lol


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  • She's average I guess, allthough the lights don't help her

    • and the guy? And his height?

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    • i do get a bit of hispanic/ turkish vibe from him and i think a lot of french are tanned too

    • Not at all xD
      Some of us cheat by having UV, but most of us are as white as our ass' skin

What Guys Said 2

  • Yes I do find her attractive. I'm 6'9" and she is closer to my size compared to most women

  • Not at all. Not my type.

    • and whats the guy's height?

    • she's supposed to be the hottest chick in india by the way and is egoistic as fuck

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