Which one of these girls do you think looks the best?

These girls are a little overweight, but they carry their weight in the right places, and they're also curvy. I think Olivia is the best, followed by Dana, than Tabria. I think they all look good though.

  • The girl in the grey bathing suit (Tabria Majors)
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  • The girl in the green bathing suit (Dana Patterson)
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  • The girl in the black bathing suit (Olivia Jensen)
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  • They're all equally attractive to me
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  • They're all equally unattractive to me
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  • Unsure/Other
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@funny_strange_man I agree!


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  • All 3 of them are gorgeous and hotter than hell to me


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  • I don't think you know what "a little" means 😂 Dem girls big as hell

    • I said a little OVERWEIGHT. I didn't mean they were "little" in general.

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    • I never implied they were close to being "fit." I just meant they're not that overweight.

    • The analogy went way over your head 😑

  • The second girl has a fat ass. Nice.

  • None of them, they are all fat.

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