What's your first impression seeing this picture?

What's your first impression seeing this picture?I found it a fun pose lol 😂


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  • You're hiding something, the left side of the face is how you really feel where as the right side is the side the world sees, but it's not an accurate portrayal of what's going on inside. Other than that you look cute, yellow is a good color on you. :)

    • Wow! Correct interpretation. I'm impressed at how accurate. Never thought like that, it was just a fun pose. I do project a different version of myself to the world and keep my real self hidden.

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    • That's true, my sense for games or deception is very highly tuned, I read people well even through text. Everyone has a signature way that they write that I can pick up on after knowing them a little more.

    • Thank you for MHO!! :)

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  • why are you covering half of your face?
    that's the first thing i would think

    by the way, you look beautiful!

    • Just acting silly on picture lol. And thank you :D

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