Should I grow a tache?

im 13 and wondering if i should grow a moustacheShould I grow a tache?

you can't really see it in this picture but I either need to shave now or grow it


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  • If you can grow a mustache just by sheer willpower then yeah, go for it. But if your like the rest of the 13 year old boys I know, then yes you should. emnarace the mustache that will soon start to grow on your face but will look awkward for a while because you will be in the awkward stage between man and child and your mustache won't look great until you hit about 18. Just my experience with brother though, however don't mind me I'm a lady with no lip hair I probably don't even know what I'm talking about. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.


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  • better question, can you grow facial hair yet?

    • yeah you just can't see it in this picture ill upload another

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    • nevermind i can't get a picture on the camera my blonde hair doesn't help

    • no its just a hav a crappy camera in real life its really obvious

  • Grow a Hitler mustache. Then put a bullet in your head just like he did.

    • SHUT the FUCK UP bitch don't talk to a kid like that HOE. YOU put a bullet in your head dick🔫😡

    • @MollyWap you mad?

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