What's a good haircut idea for my thick Italian hair?

Im Italian so my hair is really thick whether it is my facial hair or my head hair. I can grow a curly afro which I dont like so i just spike my bangs up and keep the top and sides short. The down side is need to get my haircut every week and a half or it gets as my sister says "nappy". I'm wondering if theirs a way to embrace the thickness and curliness of my hair without throwing 55 bucks a on my haircuts and I won't cut my own cause I dont trust myself. Look at my profile pic for reference if needed.


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  • I actually think the curly Afro sounds adorable on you

    • It was cool in HS and middle school but since my facial hair came in, and my hairline matured its seems like I need a more mature/ professional. I feel like if yoh grow it out I would look a lot younger with a more juvenile style.

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  • type in google men`s haircut 2016 for thick itlaian hair


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