Do celebs lie about their height?

So i have a friend who meets a lot of celebs, he is about 168 cm tall while i am 177, i notice a lot of celebs who are listed between 180-183 cm on google seem to have as much height difference with him as i have with him which means they all probably lie by 2-3 cm

  • Yes they exaggerate their height a little
  • No, they are all very nice and honest and humble people
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  • I wouldn't say they're all nice and humble blah blah it's more like they can't really lie about their height because of all the different people that are always measuring them for things. Lying would be so pointless.

    • There is this actor though who is listed at 188 cm on Google but based on the pic with my friend he is 184 at best

  • what's your friends name? kristian? are you from new york or london?

    • india, i am talking mainly bollywood actors though he has met a few soccer and cricket players too and a couple of dj's and pop singers

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    • she says 165 on google though and is listed between 168-170 on a few sites too

    • she's 1.63-65

  • they might lie of course


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