Well what do you think of this girl?

to be honest i am just corious what stranger think of my image and a side note... not i just couldent bring myself to smile that day and if you think ''where was she at?'' well she was in store fitting a outfit like a silly girl XD... also i soon i am going to see new places wich could give my the chance to meet new people, so you were to meet me dressed like this what would you think of me at first glance?

Well what do you think of this girl?

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  • unhappy

    • If you mean i look unhappy your point on... that day felt so down i tried to cheer myself up with the makeup and clothes fitting but it did not work really to be honest.

    • Bad days come and go)

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  • Not my type at all

    • i that the very first thing that would come to mind if you were to see me in person?

  • Gorgeous

  • Mean bitchy arrogant

    • and what the look in the photo makes you think that way if i may ask?

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    • Lol funny comment... but jokes aside so then would you be the type of guy that when meething a new female first time looks first at how fuckeble they are on how the female is and if so do most guys do that? if that is the case then i am a little disappointed of the male mind.

    • Yes I do it. I look at her lips and boobs. Then imagine how she will look while sucking my cock 😉

What Girls Said 1

  • I Clicked the wrong thing. I Chose 'Plain and innocent' but I meant 'cute and innocent XD IS there a way to undo it?

    • omg thank you and no you can't if i could reset i would had done that XD