What makes a guy's face bad looking?

What makes a guy's face bad looking in your view?

Straight answers please.
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  • Overweight - BY FAAAR usually the no. 1 reason

    Crooked or asymmetric face
    weak chin
    unusually big nose or lips
    serious acne after 25
    really unkempt, bushy eyebrows

    Why, you trying to make sure this doesn't apply to you, lol? Or do you have reason to believe, based on results with chicks, that you might be ugly? Most guys are pretty average, as are girls. Dan Bacon's youtube videos teach you that it's not entirely about looks, because women aren't attracted to men the same way men are attracted to us, which at first, is mostly looks. His videos among others, are very helpful on how to talk to girls. Try some, and please stop obsessing over your looks, unless you really need to lose weight or whatever.

    • thanks for the speech. I am not obsessed over my looks. Or empty headed (as it may seem).
      The matter of fact I needed to give these information a concern in order to engineer my looks for any given chance. thanks again for the advice.

    • Oh ok. Well, i wasn't trying to be insulting but yeah i can see it looks that way. I've been on here too long and was on a rant today. never said you were empty headed. and i think a lot of people worry excessively over their appearance, including myself. just trying to give you the go ahead, in case u were letting it hold u back

  • Personally I find very pretty boys the most attractive. Pretty boys have big eyes and gorgeous cheekbones with jaw lines so sharp they could cut tomatoes. I honestly think any man can be at least marginally attractive if they take good care of themselves though

    • You took the question upside down.

    • Yeah I did whoops- basically what makes a man have an unattractive face for me would be
      - a lack of structure (as in bone structure)
      - lotsof facial hair
      - small eyes
      -large nose
      -small lips ( this is a big one for me)
      And of course there are always exceptions this is just what i am not keen on but everybody's different :)

    • Fine. thanks

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