Face Rate: 1-10?

I've decided to have a little fun, I posted one a while ago with a different style. I'm just curious to contrast the responses from the two. So please answer honestly. Face rate: 1-10 scale.


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  • 3.5 out of 10

    • Just out of curiosity why so low?

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    • I cannot understand why you do not get approached. You look good enough for many guys therefore what i think (not sure, just guessing) is that it may have to do with your attitude or facial expressions that guys do not approach you. It certainly is NOT your looks. May be you need to better your facial expressions and attitude (like smile more or be more friendly)

    • Thank you for the MHG

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  • are you trans?

    • No, but, thats rude to ask even if I was fyi.

    • well damn im just curious

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