Which girl is your favorite Hello Venus edition?

1. Yooyoung
Which girl is your favorite  Hello Venus edition ?

2. Lime

3. Seoyoung (my favorite I saw her first :p )

4. Nara
5. Alice

6. Yeoreum

Here's some more songs if you're interested :).

  • 1. Yooyoung
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  • 2. Lime
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  • 3. Seoyoung
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  • 4. Nara
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  • 5. Alice
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  • 6 Yeoreum
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comments appreciated :P
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  • i juts like Lime because... it's the only one i really know but omg they're allll so pretty ugh ♥


Most Helpful Guy

  • And people say Asian girls dont have booty

    • Well I'd say in general they do have less :P In this group there's some that don't have a lot of butt, but I don't care about a big ass tbh. I think the trend in the U. S. with the huge asses was not attractive. In general I think the hips are important (that there's some curves) and some butt but it doesn't have to be big for me :P. If it's natural a big butt can be hot too but it's not a necessity. Wow I'm writing way too much shit sry.

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    • I haven't seen too many Kpop stars with a big butt, that's also because of beauty standards that they're always expected to be super thin. Even if there are girls who naturally have a little more meat on the bones they often lose a lot of weight until they're also thin. I'll send you 2 links of girls (besides Seoyoung who I like a lot :P ) who are more on the curvy side when they're not suer thin. www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1905466-kpop-girl-series-5-ga-in-how-beautiful-do-you-think-this-woman-is

      There's more you can check in my old questions if you're interested :P.

    • Well thanks man. This will make for some great fap material later on.. Im going to sleep buddy.. Thanks , and have a nice one

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  • 1 and 6 looks hawwwt