Girls, Would you say I'm attractive?

So my friend that's a girl that I haven't seen since end of 6th grade (We're now in 7th heading into 8th) messaged me on snapchat when i posted a picture in My story. Im in la but she moved to Mississippi after 6th. We haven't seen each other in a year. Not even photos.
I'm 12 by the way turning 13 in a month.

She sent me this and said "HOLY CRAP WHEN DID YOU GET HOT" caps and allGirls, Would you say I'm attractive?
With that picture attached.
I think that I'm not attractive at all but then I know 4 girls who like me.

I'm the one in the red shirt and not my 5 year old cousin.

So can you rate me on like a scale 1-10?


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  • No you have a dog face covering your face. I can barely see your face.

    • Judging on the part where the dog isn't covering my face

  • I don't rate people but you're alright

  • go to school kid!