Always feel insecure about my appearance. Any suggestions on makeup or anything to improve it?

I constantly worry about my looks cuz I am literally not popular among guys lol
And I always wanna know how to improve my appearance. But I personally hate plastic surgery, so please don't suggest that :(
Please judge and suggest based on my profile pic despite of its poor pixels. Thanks :)

  • You are so ugly, nothing's gonna help you
  • You are below average, need great amount of work
  • You are ok, some more make up would help
  • You are fine, just stay as how you look now
  • You are pretty, stop your insecurity
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Well, I think I do need to worry depending on the voting so far :(


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  • Your very pretty!!! Don't be to hard on yourself we are always our worst critic... just focus on your best features and accentuate them. I think you have beautiful eyes and you could just wear mascara and add some eyeshadow if you want to change up your look you also have cute little nose put some highlighter on the tip and vuala!!! You're done. You don't need to drastically change anything!!

    • Thank you for such a kind comment :D
      I could use some mascara and eye make up to make me look more "highlighted" :)
      I'm bad at it, but would try to learn it step by step.
      I like how you put your make up and you are pretty!

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    • Yes, always on the way of learning and thanks for you time and link honey!!!
      I will follow you and maybe we can discuss about makeup if we are both free :)))

    • Okay sure no problem

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  • Nothing wrong with you. I'd love to be seen in public with you

  • Super pretty.


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  • try to grow healthy long hair, take care of ur skin and body (some fitness, vitamins, healthy food)... and yes some more make up for ur type of features

    • Thanks for your suggestion :)
      I do have long hair I just tied it up in that pic :)

  • As I stated on ur previous question, I don't think anything is wrong with you. But I think it's right to look for way to improve our self all the time. If I remember correctly you are slightly on the chubby side? So would suggest work out, eat healthy and read more fashion magazine or blog about it. Not that I mean ur fashion sense is bad, it's average, but can be better?

    Keep improving anyway, even make up and skincare. I keep looking for new way or products to make it look better.

    I used to be insecure about my look, I can say I worked on these things and see guys got more interest on me. So I think it worked, but I still look for more ways to improve myself.

    • Thank you :)))
      I always like your comments :)

      I'm trying to work out recently and hoping I can make it a routine :P

      I also learn makeups and skincare often when I have time, just not really good on makeups, especially eyes makeup, eyeliners are killing me.

      It's good that you worked it out! Hope I can be as successful as you are :D

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    • Good luck

      I think we would be good friend we lived closer lol ❤

    • I think so too :D :3

  • Love yo self

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