Why do I not believe people when they say I am cute/good looking?

I’m 23 and despite countless girls saying that i’m cute and good looking i just simply don’t believe them i never have done, i know my personality is great but i just don’t believe i’m good looking. Is this a self worth/confidence thing or is it some bigger mental health issue


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  • Trace back to your younger days. We're you perceived as conventionally unattractive by your peers, not gaining enough positive attention in regards to your appearance as a developing individual? This could be a factor, because now you've grown used to being insecure about your looks that if anyone tries to comment on your appearance in a positive manner, you're unable to believe them because you most likely think that unattractiveness get carried on and beyond teen years (when you're still developing btw) and stuff like this gets embedded in ourselves because we're so young and vulnerable. Any positive comment = probably not a positive comment, and is just a way of telling you kindly something doesn't suit you/you're not that attractive.

    I identified this within myself a long time ago, and have been working on acceptance. But hey, at least being one of the "ugly duckings" during high school has made me into a somewhat humble and empathetic person?

    • Yeah i was the weird one at school, i wasn't the best looking either there were about of the chisel jawed 'perfect looking' guys which got all the girls so yeah it was embedded in me from an early age that i wasn't that good looking

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  • Uhm.

    You have a sincere lack of self esteem and you have learned that people lie to you so what they say to you means nothing to you.

    They can confirm your beauty how often they want, as long as their behavior towards your beauty does not change to proof their words being true, they confirm their own lying.

    At least, that is your perception. You need either a therapist or a person to fall in love with that makes you feel beautiful again by words and actions.


    • I've already done the falling in love thing once, it didn't work out well (it was unrequited). And i don't trust people at all; i was bullied pretty much all my school life in one way or another, it was only when i went to uni that i actually had proper sincere friends

      Beacuse of that i don't trust ANYONE 100% not even my own family

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  • It's normal for people to feel they are not good looking, it's just media putting out the 'perfect body/ looks" with all this around everyone keeps in mind the 'perfect looks' (it's just the world at this point) so most people inside will feel as though they're bad looking or not good enough, but everyone's beautiful in their own way

  • I feel the same constantly and I am told I am well above average from girls.
    no matter who says what and half of me believes them! But the other half doesn't!

    I have always put it down to the fact I have never had a girlfriend?
    (I'v had a strange life)

  • 42ndstreet hotty, how you doing? 😉

    • WTF man...

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    • shouldn't*

    • I literally have no idea why she blocked me. I think i was turning her on too much and she got scared.

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