What exactly makes zayn malik a ridiculously handsome guy?

I mean tbh, this is the thing with the guy
a. Eyes are too close to each other
b. Mouth is too small
c. There is such a thing as a forehead being toooo small
d. The guy puts mascara on his eyebrows and eyelashes but remove that, those are shit tier indian eyes with clear upper eyelid exposure and protruding rather than the ideal set in deep
e. Nose is like a freakin cartoon nose
f. Face structure/ skull shape is that of a typical paki/ north indie
I used this pic to figure out the above because he is looking straight on with a poker face
What exactly makes zayn malik a ridiculously handsome guy?

I only dont agree with poor face symmetry since that seems less apparent, he seems to have a good face symmetry but everything else is entirely true and i had noticed before too

  • Yeah, he is overrated for real
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  • Even with those bad features, he is gorgeous as hell
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  • You are lying about his features, ur a jealous douche thats all, he is super handsome (try it yourself on prettyscale. com with a straight on expressionless pic of him yourself)
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  • Some girls who are hot consider him good looking, so it became a trend to like him
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In my opinion marcello alvarez, sidharth malhotra, nick bateman, brad pitt and matt bomer are the closest i have seen in terms of facial proportions and features
to me he looks like the kind of guy who is obviously good looking but should have been in bollywood or some industry like that instead of a boy band and a western heartthrob. His music alone doesn't even seem to sell as much as his face tbh which makes him ideal for that


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  • YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING DUDE, he is the most gorgeous sexy guy i've ever seen next to andy biersack. You are jealous www.eonline.com/.../...lik-Instagram.ms.071614.jpg

    • nope, i have his same jaw and lips (which isn't even that great anyway) without the narrow set eyes and shit nose and i always feel there is something off about him outside his photoshopped pics and filtered selfies. If he wasn't famous, he would be just another brown guy, trust me

      his 5'7'' height and shit tier frame and skull is something i didn't even bother to mention with everything else going bad for him

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    • Anyway thanks this has been really motivating tbh and I mean it with no sarcasm, if this zayn guy can be good looking then it's pretty much something any one can be with just a few steps, I feel so good knowing with my IQ and ever improving appearance, I am going to be a really big and important guy one day with a great face while basement dwelling kids here will never bother with self improvement

    • You're welcome

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  • What exactly makes zayn malik a ridiculously handsome guy?

    simple : teen girls

    • true dat, he is still better looking than majority of arabs and south Asians though but more like a bollywood actor kind of good looking than a boy band type in my opinion

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    • i have the shitty small mouth and similar lips as him that he has which i hate, i think its very typical of arabs and south Asians and persians

    • trust me its just the stupid media and the lame teen girls.
      but who cares...
      as i said : as long as my Girl find me hotter
      he can have the hearts of all the girls in the world

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  • I saw him in person like last year or something, I'm not too much into guys with his features (I prefer blonde, tall and light eyed guys) but I can promise you he's one of the hottest guys I've ever seen

    • so if i am 3-4" taller than him with a great frame, same jaw, lips, skin colour and facial hair and without narrow set eyes and shit tier nose, i am the world's hottest guy if i maximize my looks?
      To look for the 5 min you saw him, he had a makeup team for the past 4 hours, i dont get how people dont look past it, its hilarious as fuck and well, too bad for the world, like this dude, i'll also manage to fool chicks into believing i am good looking and get into their panties while everyone here will subconsciously compare themselves to those on the screen and mentally kill themselves.

      I used to literally think tom cruise was the maximum good looking a person could be before i started bothering too much with all this and bit the red pill, now his features crack me up

      and google ranbir kapoor, even that guy looked stunning when i saw him in real life and he looks like total crap with his features

    • I saw him randomly on the street so he wasn't wearing makeup and stuff and his eyes were amazing anyway and his face structure is basically perfect. The only thing I didn't like was his height, other than that I can assure you he's very good looking, more than in the picture that you shared for sure.

    • trust me, at least 40% persian and arab men have that same facial structure once the cheek fat is gone. Eyes look nice in pics but when i look at his everyday selfies, his eyes look tired as fuck which leads me to believe he is faking it

  • His eyes, his jaw line, his hair, and the way he carries himself he's just really smoothe.

    • eyes are shit without mascara, jawline means nothing with a mouth that small, his hairline is barely mm's above his eyebrows and he carries himself like a low IQ fag who speaks like a 12 yr old at 23 on his 5'7'' height and shit tier frame

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    • if those are his best features i'll be much better than him in 5 years max and still not be even close to the best looking guy i have ever seen in real life

    • He's attractive but not the most hottest guy in the world. He is way above average though!

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  • Option d my man.
    But... he's not bad looking..
    Give him a bit more credit...
    I mean if girls can go for bieber, why can't they go for this guy

  • mascara and celebrity worship.

  • He's ok, beauty is subjective I guess. I think girls just think that because he is in one direction. Mass hysteria.

    • true man, status can have a lot of halo effect, honestly i am also pretty ugly and bad featured so i want to know what is it that this guy does that makes him so charismatic so i can do that for myself too

    • i have a slightly small mouth like him too though other features are fine, i think its a pretty characteristic feature of south Asians and arabs

    • Well I don't think this guy is ugly maybe a bit above average. Haha sorry man I think it's probably mass fame among maybe some other things. A lot of beauty is created and how well you take care of yourself. I think most people's "ugliness" is within their control. Girls are visual, but not as much as men generally, so that's a bonus.

  • Facial symmetry and his beautiful eyes

    • his eyes are beautiful because of the mascara and squinting, think how they would look once that is out

  • whats up vnmc

  • The thick curled lashes and delicate face. Teen girls love that.

    • yeah, makes me hate looking my gender lol