[M40] Am I that repulsive that I can't get a date?

40 y/o old guy here. Can you tell me if getting hair implants would change anything?

[M40] Am I that repulsive that I can't get a date?


[M40] Am I that repulsive that I can't get a date? Be Brutally Honest.
Would like to know more answers. I dont think its a question of confidence or of having hair or not... i think it goes beyond that, just a gut feeling... so please dont hold back


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  • I think you look fine how you are.

    • its that feeling i mean... its just not normal. why not a straight answer? is it the face? something specific?

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    • Ah, I was going by the title of this question. My bad.

    • *pull off

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  • From what I can tell you seem to look good bald.


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  • You look just fine. You don't need hair implants. Shaved heads rock!

    • what would you rate me if i may ask?

    • You mean in a 1-10 scale? I don't normally play the rating game on these sites.

  • Tbh not bad, honestly you're quite attractive. Dunno why you can't get a date, but then again looks aren't everything, gotta have the personality to match.

    • maybe i need to work on my confidence?

      thanks for your input

    • I'd say so. I'll be frank-as a girl, I'd find it more attractive if a guy is confident about his looks than if he's drop-dead gorgeous but is isn't confident at all. It's hard to be confident about looks and I can totally relate to the way of thinking that you (general sense not you specifically) aren't good enough for others. Honestly though, I've been told by so many people that as long as you're a good person and you can be confident/proud of yourself (without going over the top and being arrogant), then it's a big turn-on for women. Good luck, man, and remember: don't lower your own standards just because the dating pool seems scarce now. You'll find your one, and if in the unfortunate event you do experience a little rejection before you find your S. O., personally I highly doubt it'll be because of your appearance. :)

      Also, don't go with hair implants. Confidence is accepting and being proud of yourself, not trying to hide who you are.

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