To wear or not to wear?

Guys; do you like when girls don't wear panties? Do you wear panties girls? Why/why not? Girls, do you think its sexy when guys don't wear underwear, showing their limp, bouncing dick? Or is that gross? What about bras? Let's hear from you! Thanks for "liking" my question and joining the discussion!


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  • Personally I feel sexy and turned on when I don't wear a bra and my top is rubbing against my nipples making them hard.

    As for guys, I like to see their limp dick bouncing around.

    • Nice, I think its SUPER hot when girls don't wear bra/panties.. yummy.

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    • it feels good wearing them or not wearing them?

    • Not wearing them

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  • I think I'm indifferent. Both (wearing and not wearing) have their sexiness. Bras tend to make boobs look better in terms of shape and closer together, but not wearing them and thinking about hard hard nipples, things like that is hot too. Rarely think about panties but still imagined girls wearing different types of panties in all kinds of colors. It's pretty good I say.


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  • i wear panties and bras cause of hugyene it's gross to not wearing it


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