I'm a size 4 in us would I be considered fat in Korea?

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  • naah, your normal


What Girls Said 2

  • I don't know i see chubby people in ever land. but bone size can be smaller in Asia (or anywhere) . people are not so much thinner (talking averages. i do think there is less obesity) but they have smaller bone structure, leading to smaller but not necessarily thinner frames --which is how they cab be smaller without bones protruding. you would not be fat just bigger boned. unless you have small bones. can you touch your index finger to your thumb if you out them around your wrist?

    you can also measure your wrist to determine bone size... medium is 5.5 inches for 5ft 5 height. small is under 5 inches. large is over 6 inches.

    • Yes, I can touch it if I turn them into my wrist. My wrist is 4.9 inch and I'm 5'7. So I have small bones, right?

  • Size 4 is very normal over there I think. I've been over there and if you're worried about looking fat in comparison, don't, you'll be perfect. They're not all tiny like media leads you to believe.

    • I know they are not all skinny but in my country I'm considered chubby and like i know in korea they have high standard. I don't really want to be called a fat tourist or something like that.

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