The reason why I like girl stomach part. What do you think?

The reason why i like girl stomach part. What do you think?First, i like girl stomach because of this picture. I feel emptiness for her stomach. I feel want to put my hand inside her stomach. If she drinking and my hand inside her stomach. I like to feel the water wet my hand. becawhen he benthen he benthen he bentse of this picture i feel emptiness about stomach. i feel stomach is translucent. I feel want to move my hand freely inside her stomach. This picture was fact for me.

Second, stomach is the most squezzy part of her body. like this picture that show curved stomach. I like to touch Her stomach when curved or flat. I like when i touching her flat stomach and become curved when she sitting or When he bent. This is also give me a fact, why her stomach curved and the gut can still working? I think the gut inside will be broken if the stomach squezzed. so, more like if her stomach squezzed when she was eating. also like her flat stomach when she was standing. This the reason i like girl stomach. Is okay if i like girl stomach with this reason? What do you think? Can you give your opinion?


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