Is it better to get a big amount check or smaller amount check?

Just a quick question? So I work for two companies one of them I work most hrs and the other only like once or sometimes twice a week but I'm confuse on what is better normally I get two check separately since its two different places. But would you rather just do all your hrs in one place and get a just one total amount check or get two checks? Obviously one check is way Less than the other since I get pay biweekly in both but is it more or less money that way since I got to pay taxes (like we all do ) . It's the same pay in both places but I'm thinking of just taking one for just full time instead of going somewhere for just one day a week.. What makes more sense?

Sorry i meant to put this question on other ! Lol sorry guys


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  • Well, there are pros and cons.
    By working full time at one company, you might / probably would get benefits... health insurance, dental insurance, paid sick/holiday pay, 401k, stock options, etc.
    By splitting your time between two companies, working two part-time jobs, you are working the same amount of hours but aren't eligible for benefits from either place.

    Now the benefits of staying with two different jobs might include employee discounts that you use often, having different jobs and places to go so it doesn't get too dull and boring spending all your time in the same place doing the same thing, and less risk of losing your job and being out of work.
    If you got laid off at one job because the company was downsizing or moving out of state, you could probably pick up more hours at the other job and not lose out on pay (lets forget about severance packages if you were full time and got laid off). If you lost one job, you might lose a little bit of income, but you'd still have money coming in from the other job.

    Are either of these jobs career type jobs, or just temporary jobs?


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  • You're beautiful.

  • It's better to get two checks instead of one.

  • One check is more convenient than two. At my job it is direct deposit though, which is so much easier and more convenient than just getting a paper check. Full time may be better for you than just having another job on that one day a week. It may be easier for you to do it that way.


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  • The total amount of tax that you'll owe depends on nothing other than yr TOTAL income (minus deductions, but it doesn't sound like you really have any of those).

    If the total income is the same, then, you will ultimately owe exactly the same amount of tax for the year. It makes NO difference how many different checks the money is paid on.


    There's one exception, which is if one of the employers pays you as an "independent contractor" (reported on a 1099 form) and the other one pays you as an "employee" (reported on a W-2 form).

    "Independent contractors" pay MORE taxes out of the same income than employees do. (As an IC, you have to pay an additional 12-14 percent that would have been paid by yr employer.)
    Also, as an IC, you are responsible for pulling money out of yr income and saving it to pay taxes next year. Employees don't have to do that, since the employer does it for you ("withholding").
    So, if the wages are the same, but one is an IC wage and the other is an employee wage, you should take the job that pays an employee wage.

    If you are not sure, just ask the employers. (If you had to fill out IRS tax form W-4 when you were hired, then you are an employee.)

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