Am I too skinny?

Hello all,

I am a mid-twenties celibate and want to know why I don't get the girls I want. I see around these forums many bitter and frustrated men who say it is all about looks and money while there are also girls on here who say that they are not like that and what they really like is personality.

I do not want to post my face but I do want to know if I am too skinny for the girls I want or if I am considered to have a good shape.

Here is me flexed:
Am I too skinny?

Here is me relaxed (to me, I look skinny when relaxed, but you can see there is still some slight definition around abs and pecs):

Also here is an example of the ideal woman:

I say ideal, because obviously this kind of woman is very high appeal, so it's unlikely I would get that, even if I went crazy at the gym.

For me, I think maybe this would be more realistic - an above average girl but not supermodel material or anything. Hard to find accurate pics and these girls are still very good looking, but with these you get the gist:


Let me know what you think.

  • Yes, way too skinny to pick up these girls you want
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  • Not skinny, but some extra kg (of muscle) would not hurt
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  • No, you look fine: what you need is self-confidence
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  • More muscles AND self-confidence
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also: I am 6ft


Most Helpful Girl

  • i'm as confused as you because your body is my idea of perfect

    • I personally think the problem is conversation.

      I mean, I know how to hold a simple conversation but they dry up fast. I ask other people about this and they just say that I'm overthinking and it's always either one of:

      - confidence
      - LMS (looks, money, status)

      Nobody takes you seriously if you say you have a hard time at conversation; in all honesty I don't think I've met somebody that thinks about conversation like I do. Look in any text book and it says communication is 80% non-verbal (20% verbal). But just think about this logically and it makes no sense whatsoever (does an email only communicate 20% of meaning)?

      When we as humans make conversation, we have all these possible topics at our hands:

      - the history of human society
      - the politics of the modern world
      - the development of the arts and history
      - cultures (both localised and from abroad)

      If you think about it, conversation is a massive topic and a very fine art. But most people just take it for granted.

    • i agree, conversation is VERY important. that is actually why i won't date anyone under the age of 21, because they simply don't match me intellectually and i can't talk to them.

      it's seems like you're a smart guy so i think you just need to get better at finding common interests to talk about with people, also having a bunch of interesting conversation starters doesn't hurt.

    • I wish there was more in depth literature specifically aimed towards conversation. Most self-improvement and social science stuff out there is aimed at confidence and self-esteem building, human psychology and non-verbal communication. People in general don't think that conversation is an important skill to learn.

Most Helpful Guy

  • An improved personality would help. Get a good wing man.

    • I tried all that, believe me

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    • ok thanks. I do find it diffcult to relate to people and keep an interesting conversation going. I think that is because I am worried sometimes that they will judge my values or preferences or there will be something about my personal circumstances they don't like.

    • There you go.. u answered your own question. U need to be and appear more confident!

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What Girls Said 4

  • I chose C.

    No, you aren't, you are already in shape.

  • Nah you're not skinny... you look very healthy! Confidence is key!! If you believe you're hot others will too!

    • thanks keep in mind the first pics were flexed.

  • I like skinny but you're not skinny. you're just not a series of bulges.

    • thanks although I did try at one point hah.

  • dude, not to sound like a thirsty ass bitch but you have a good body like a really good looking body like woah, i'm pretty sure you're body is considered somewhat ideal, you look really healthy and seem nice. you'll be fine.

    • well women my age dont show much interest in me, when I approach. maybe the issue is facial, or maybe when girls like you get older they prefer bigger guys, I don't know.

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    • I don't know, I have been said I am 'bold' 'confident' and sometimes even 'smooth' when I approach, problem is they always seem to have a boyfriend or something else.

    • oh okay. well it may be weird to take advice from me. but keep your confidence and head up, the problem is clearly the women you're approaching, not you.

What Guys Said 2

  • Guys are more into muscles than most girls are. You probably won't be able to pick up girls that live at the gym, but most guys can't. However, with a bit more confidence, and this must be represented in how you present yourself, you can easily pull the girls you consider realistic.

  • Looks ok, I would recommend working more on the upper chest. It's a hard muscle group to target as it's not worked that hard with just regular bench presses.

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