Real and honest opinions only and suggestions on what to improve welcomed. How ugly am i?

Just opinions that mirror the truth and what can i do to turn things around. I dont want to turn this into a pity party and im not pain shopping, just want to know what in me as a 40 y/o male is such a turn off for women.

I have the idea that a long beard doesn't suit me, but i dont think that's the main problem. So please bring it on. Do not hold the truth for yourselves, just bring it on. Instead of saying you look fine or normal, i prefer to get constructive criticism.

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come on tell me what's so wrong with me


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  • Maybe it's your age if you're trying to get with young girls. You'll fine to women your own age

    • not really, my aim is 35-45. i think women just find me ugly or hideous.

  • You look like a normal person, that isn't the problem if you are looking for a life partner. Could it possibly be the approach you give women? Are you someone who whistles at the side of the street, or are you overly lacking confidence afraid to approach. It must be something about your personality, as in girls aren't going to want to be with someone with alcohol problems, or who makes harsh remarks. Just a thought.

    • again no constructive criticism. a normal person for means absolutely zero. sorry but i dont buy that confidence crap.

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    • do you think it's because im bald?

    • No, I don't think that's the problem. Maybe there just aren't many single women your age around you?

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