Rejected by every girl, am I ugly?

I've been rejected by every girl, and not one or two, but more than 5 I've known well and many more from online dating. And I guess that summarizes my situation. Please look at my profile picture to see if I'm ugly.

The girls I try to date aren't supermodels. I don't smell bad. My female friends tell me that I'm attractive. I have lots of hobbies and am not socially awkward. Of course it's easy for me to say that and for all you know I could be lying, you'll have to trust me though :P

I know that I'm not totally ugly, but I'm not fishing for compliments... I really have been rejected by every girl and I have suffered depression for many years and I just want to figure out what's really happening here.


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  • It's definitely not your looks. You're quite cute.
    Either those girls rejected you because they were interested in someone else already, or it could be an aspect of your personality. Are you rude, jealous, too blunt, clingy, sexist? I can't think of any other possibilities

    • Okay... can you comment on what some of the other people have said here? Do I look awkward, or are my clothes ugly (I won't change them anyway haha)?

      I don't think I'm any of the bad things I've mentioned. I have lots of friends IRL and most girls like being around me in general. I don't know for sure though obviously...

    • I don't think you look awkward at all. You look like you care about your appearance.
      Are you stereotypical masculine? If you come off as soft or slightly feminine in your behavior, a lot of girls will show their shallow side and turn the other way.

    • I'm not sure what stereotypical masculinity is, but I'd say, probably not. Of course it's hard for me to say exactly. My personality could be too 'soft' but in my opinion, I'm generally masculine with some feminine traits that are pronounced more in me than in other 'normal' men.

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  • I'm going to be honest; you're actually a solidly good-looking guy. Seriously. But, from your profil picture, you look really meek and insecure. Girls pick up on that. They hate insecurity.

    Build confidence. Make yourself into what you believe is an awesome person. Then, approach. You'll need riot police to keep women off you at that point.

    • I will have to agree with you Spartan. I do sometimes emit a certain meekness though it really doesn't make sense considering my background and personality. I'd elaborate more but my comment would be too long. Anyway, it's a recurring problem in my life which I'm not sure how to tackle at this point.

      Thanks for the advice, I'll definitely think about that.

    • Thanks for the MHO!

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  • It is not your looks.

    • Lol okay... is it anything you can determine from what I wrote, or do you not know?

  • You're not ugly. Don't worry about that

    • Haha I'm assuming that you know that I removed my profile picture, so I'm not sure how you came to that conclusion... Makes me question the honesty of some opinions here...

  • as soon as you said "youll just have to trust me though 😛"
    i got a sleazy vibe coming of of you...
    maybe thats what other girls get of of you... a sleazy vibe

    • Well I got a fairly unintelligent vibe from your grammar and spelling... But okay, I'll work on the 'sleaziness'

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    • I didn't say you were unintelligent. I said I got an unintelligent VIBE from you, just like you got a sleazy vibe from me. If you always write "youll" and "i" people might think you're careless or don't put a lot of effort in your writing. Anyway, it's fine I'm not trying to be offensive, I'm just trying to demonstrate that "vibes" can be difficult to place

    • I appreciate your opinion and help though

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  • Dude! No! Don't give up! You have to keep trying. Be glad you have the balls to go up to girls unlike many people here. You may be being rejected but you are definitely on the right track. All those girls that reject you just don't know how cool you are! You have to get out there, be more open, and smile when you guys are talking. The only thing in your way, is YOURSELF! Show those girls what you're all about. Show them what your made of. DO NOT GIVE UP! you will find the perfect girl eventually! And I guarantee that you will find a girl that will fall for you if you just keep trying!

    -MARIO21 🐓💨

  • Lift weights and dress like you have money would be my only suggestions. Other option is to date women that are 10 years older than you to build up your self-esteem and your confidence to approach women your age.

    • Lol are you saying that I dress like I'm poor? And I do "lift" but I mainly work out to stay in fairly good shape, I don't want to be huge or anything

    • Okay. Keep doing what your doing. You're just average. Nothing wrong with that but average women your age have options you don't have.

    • Your point has been taken Dr. Truth.

  • High collar shirt, blue wash jeans, and wearing them at the belly line?

    You look very awkward in your profile photo.

    • They're not jeans, they're high waisted dress pants. But if you insist they make me look awkward, that's fair enough.

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    • It's sparkles and it has a very flimsy and feminine buckle... very gay.

    • Haha okay, well I guess I have gay taste then, thanks for the fashion tip.

  • Yeah women are mean.

    • Haha I was hoping for something a little more specific to my situation, but that's alright I guess...

  • Your not ugly so it's not that but you probably give off a vibe of fear or insecurity, you need to act confident with a good rap