Women not into "bear" guys?

Since January, I haven't shaved. I've also gone pretty hardcore in powerlifting. As a result, I now have a massive frame and a beard.

I'm finding myself getting hit on by a lot of gay guys. Even when I post online single, seeking w4m (by posting in the m4w section, so it's not that), I get mostly spam, some gay guys that ask me if I'm bi, and little else. I guess I look like what the homosexual community call "bears".

Now, aren't women into that look? Is it too intimidating? Too masculine? I'm not defined at all, I only train for functional strength, not aesthetics. I don't care what I look like, just how strong and efficient I am. I. E. I'm a man. I'm thinking that women these days mostly go for metrosexual guys.

Women not into

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Bear look is ultra unattractive.
    Beards are gross, especially if used to cover a double chin.
    You don't look that in-shape there. Looks like you're sucking your stomach in and flexing your arm. And as much as I love arms, the rest of the body has to look good too.
    I prefer muscular dudes with no beards basically.

    • I'm absolutely not sucking my stomach in. I am flexing my arm. The weights I lift are proof of how in shape I am. I'm not denying I'm heavy. You can look at Olympic athletes to see how strong an "out of shape" looking person can be https://youtu.be/LEj0MkqNCbU

      Thank you for your valuable input.

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    • @Fearless_banana LOL

    • I'm sorry some person here was aggressive towards your opinion. You shouldn't have to go through that. It wasn't me.

Most Helpful Guy

  • The bears a nice touch and your strength is impressive but women want to be able to see results, a guy like this Jack Lalanne is what women like, ripped, muscular and strong by the way he was one of the most powerful and strongest men on the entire planet. And was much stronger then you and most power lifters and bodybuilders in his prime and even up till his 70s. He was the epitome of what a man should strive to be mentally and physically and that's what women want.



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What Girls Said 4

  • I know some women are. Personally, I'm more into a lean but muscular build. Like the swimmer or soccer player look. I think beards can look good, though.

  • Love a thick guy and beards are hot. Would prefer a thicker guy over a thinner muscular guy any day of the week. But we all have our likes.

  • hmmm never heard of that :/
    well if you're talking about facial hair... its cool.. there's nothing wrong about facial hair... it looks nice

  • No no no. All wrong


What Guys Said 5

  • As a bodybuilder / powerlifter, women want a small waste and wide shoulders when it comes to physical aesthetics By the way, you have an awesome beard. From my experience, country girls love beards. The city dwellers *cough gold diggers* see a bearded man as a man that works a blue collared job or unemployed. Seriously though, keep doing what you love to do. Had an ex dump me when I gained weight during my off season and wanted me back before a bodybuilding show when I was 6% body fat. Your passion should come first. Women comes #6 on my priority list.

    • Thank you. I feel the same way. Don't worry, in no way am I ever going to stop lifting heavy. It makes me feel much better than anything else ever has. The high after a heavy snatch, or a clean and jerk, or a deadlift, there's nothing like it.

  • The hipster metrosexuals are just responding to what (white) women want, which is 99% androgyny, with a light peppering of testosterone flavored face fur.

    If you're willing to date outside your own race, you can easily get a date. White chicks are the only ones who want 90LB guys dressed like effeminate lumberjacks.

    If you're really stuck on white chicks, embrace the hipster faggotry. Snidely Whiplash up your mustache, dive into the cesspool of sci-fi called "steampunk", and learn to like obnoxious repetitive songs.

    • There might be a lot of truth to what you say. I mostly get attention from Asian and black women. And for some reason, Muslim women. Especially Pakistani women, for some reason, but there, it's strictly a sexual thing, they hide me from their friends and family.

      I was just asking about generalities. It DOES seems that most women (most women in my area are white) want androgynous, weak males. Makes no sense to me.

      I'm not changing who I am for any reason. If anything, I'm embracing it.

  • Damn ur big!
    I just want to get somewhere close in a couple of years.
    Idc about aesthetics i just want to be big and strong.
    How tall, heavy are you? Just to get an estimate.
    Im 6"2 but only 70 kgs. Yeah i got a long way..

    • I'm 6'0", 118 kg. My chest is 50", my arms 17", and I never benchpress or curl. The biggest problem is all my shirts have to be tailored. If you buy an American shirt that fits an 50" chest, it's going to be like a tent underneath.

      Best way to get strong, in my opinion, is use a program like Starting Strength. Do squats, presses (as in overhead, standing up, barbell presses), deadlifts, snatches and clean&jerks. Do like 3 sets of 5 reps, every 48 hours, and increase linearly for the first 3-9 months, each lift by 10 lbs, every workout. Then when you can't increase that much, increase by 5 lbs, then 2.5lbs. Once you reach that level, go for Texas method or something else. Start with Starting Strength and you can't go wrong.

      in my opinion, the Snatch is the hardest, greatest display of strength there is. If you can snatch your own weight, you are one strong MF.

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    • Yeah , im pretty sure they dig ur bod, and you seem like a strong, masculine and also decent and good man. Thats basically what a lot of girls (indian) look for.
      Lol, dont worry , you are not racist at all.
      Also, we all have our ups and downs , anyine can be a bit negative at times.
      Yeah.. That makes sense, but people nowadays seem to be just saying phat for a body that is full, but not fat.. As in looking good.. And its almost always sexually suggestive when used...
      And if you are into indian women you could try dating them,, i hear in some parts of Canada, there are lots of indian people

    • Oh i forgot that you said you live in a mostly white area. Well, still you can go for what you like :-D. im sure there are plenty women interested.
      And you are welcome, im always happy to help

  • Aww, you look so snuggly.

    It's true that most women tend to go for feminized pussies these days - they want a slight, hairless build and a whipped personality. But there's still a segment that find big hairy guys attractive, so don't lose hope.

  • Lol, I luv the women say they "prefer" lean and muscular. lol Like they started off unbiased and "chose" musclemen.

    I prefer models myself with big breasts and nice butt. I'm unique and quirky like that. haha