How to make myself more confident about the way I look?

I don't use social media usually. I don't have instegram and I don't post pictures of myself on facebook. Sometimes when I walk down the street people are talking to me about the way I look. There was this guy who said I was "incredibly gorgeous" and there was this guy who said I was "so beautiful, and look just like my mom." but then there were these guys who said I was "pretty", "cute", "pretty cute", "you look okay", and even "fuck, you're an ugly bitch."

I'm not a confident person. I feel insecure about almost everything. My hair, my eyes, my nose, lips, face shape, skin, body. I know that there must be at least one thing that's beautiful about me, but I really can't find it. Even when people say "wow, you have beautiful eyes" or "nice figure" I don't seem to believe them. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to think about myself. One day I think I'm pretty then I think I'm uglier than 50% of walmart shoppers. I'm really comfused. And would like some help. How do you make yourself feel good about the way you look? How to not give a fuck?


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  • First thing you need positive attitude. the rest thing i can able to explain not publicly. as you said you are insecure.

  • First you should love yourself
    Second I would like to see you
    Third I would like to see you more
    😂😂😂 LOL


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  • Find something you love about yourself and play with that.